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Welcome to KingsOfTime.com.

“Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend” – Theophrastus

Since the dawn of time our fascination with time has been ever-present. As a result, our fascination with timepieces has not been far behind. The KingsOfTime.com team have all been caught under the spell of these magnificent watches that are available today. Ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous we review them all. Although when money is no issue, many argue it is difficult to look beyond the luxury branded products, truth be told, there are some fantastic watches for sale at reasonably affordable prices.

With so many watch companies now endorsed by celebrities and backed by powerful advertising campaigns it is proving more difficult to get independent watch buying advice. We try and cut through the advertising slogans and celebrity as best we can, and try and find out exactly how the product helps the consumer.

We are crazy about watches! Sports watches, gadget watches, luxury watches, you name it, we love them! This site was founded to try and share our passion with like-minded people. Having spent years looking at watches we decided it was about time to share what we have learned.

Our site provides an impartial view on the watches available today. We hope you enjoy your stay and our articles. If you have any questions or queries we would love to here from you. If you would like to get in touch, give us some feedback or have a chat please contact us here.

We hope you like our site and our reviews!